Media Literacy: Surprised by Gamer Violence


In class we watched a groups presentation about the language between video gamers during their gaming sessions. Both the online texting capabilities and verbal communication (through headsets) was astonishing. Our video game media literacy section basically covered how the media represents these video gamers and their vocal discrimination and hate to one another.

People used these virtual chat rooms as anonymous hate rallies. There was bullying, racial comments, sexual discrimination and so much more. It was hurtful and so very eye opening.

In my opinion, I guess I felt that people came online to play a game together and have fun. I’m sure some bad comments would be exchanged but not to the magnitude that it is actually. It was honestly ridiculous that these hateful people would use the “anonymous” platform and pseudonyms to be hurtful to others.

Honestly, if you’re going to be an ignorant bully at least have the confidence to own up to it. Hiding behind a game controller is embarrassing and weak. But overall it’s ridiculous. People need to grow up and stop being mean.

Members of our classmates who were a part of the gaming community said that there were ways to get around it such as not using headsets or having the team report a player/have them suspended but it’s just sad. I don’t know what else people can do to fix the situation but the victim shouldn’t be blamed.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.36.44 AM

Article title about why reporting player’s is pointless.

Someone said it was their fault and choice to use the headsets; they were subjecting themselves to it and that is absolutely NOT the case!! People want and deserve to play a fun game in peace and not feel hated even by a recreational activity. I guess it was just insanely shocking to see and read how hurtful people were–not even games are safe and its disheartening and just overall sad.

People even criticized girls and women for beating them in games! I mean it’s 2017 people!! Women can play and excel at video games. I don’t understand why that’s a strange concept and why men are so upset about it. Who cares if a girl won any way? I wouldn’t care if a guy won because he was a male…

7d60242e79e80d246f7d772e1656b070It’s just astonishing that people still think this way. I mean, go ahead. You’re allowed to think however you’d like because this is a free country but at the same time that doesn’t give you the right to be hurtful. You make the choice whether you want to inflict pain on someone.

I really hope that eventually we can be in a world where people with close-minded views choose not to express their opinions in ways that hurt others. We need to be kind and respectful and loving of all despite what we were taught. But that’s just my opinion.

Love is stronger than hate.


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