My Issues with Power System SCWAMP & Twilight


In class we learned from group Pulp Fiction about the power system. The power system outlines SCWAMP an acronym that says if you fit all or most of these topics, you have power.

So what does it mean?


Basically in media, if you fall into SCWAMP, you are the elite. But really you are just privileged.

“Because the people with this power have the ability to control and create the media we experience every day, these qualities are almost always written into the text as something good and something to pursue. This is wrong simply because the color of someone’s skin, or their gender, or their religion has no emphasis on the quality of the content they may produce. It may influence it, but SCWAMP influences media too.” –Emily Craig

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely agree with SCWAMP. White, straight, christian, able-bodied and rich men tend to get things more handed to them than minority atheist woman do. It’s wrong and like the quote, people aspire to have that. It’s ridiculous.

What I do find fault in is stretching things to fit a mold. The group decided to cover Twilight and apply it to SCWAMP. And while I do agree that some things do apply most was a stretch to just get a conversation flowing. I personally don’t feel that if you haven’t read the books then you are at liberty to scrutinize it…like in anything! People always say do your research and this bothered me.

Some said, “Oh didn’t know all of the die-hard Twilight fans in here.” But being a fan isn’t the point. It’s about being respectful to people who have differing views and have done the research.

S – Straight

They criticized how everyone was straight. While I agree that it is easy to assume all are straight because of the cultural norm they shouldn’t push aside that a character was gay. I’m sorry they didn’t have a major role but neither did many stories of that time. At least there was a character who was homosexual. I do agree more works should have homosexual characters but as a writer, criticizing a work from years ago for not going beyond seems wrong. Instead people could see the issue and write gay-protagonist driven stories. I don’t think blaming Meyer is right.

C – Christianity

Because Edward wanted to preserve his virginity for marriage doesn’t make him a Christian. Many atheists marry–maybe not in a church but they do marry. He married in his back yard. It’s not his fault or his religion that he wanted to wait to share that love and intimacy with someone he was sure to spend the rest of his life with.

W- WhiteScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.58.31 PM.png

Many characters were diverse. There were black, asian and an entire reserve of (certified) Native Americans in the books and movies. But people still said that the majority was white. PERHAPS Meyer was matching the demographic of her setting. Writer’s do research.

A – Able-bodied

Jacobs dad was in a wheel chair and NO Bella did NOT pity him and his family because of it. That’s just BS to think.

M – Male

The group spoke of how Jacob was so masculine compared to Edward but let me just….HE’S A WOLF. Like I would hope he was portrayed as strong. EDWARD IS DEAD. I mean most dead people are skinny, pale and frail. Yes men were imp
erative in the movie but the protagonist was female (which is a big step) and I just don’t think the points the group was choosing to address was correct.

P – Property Owning

The group said that Edward was going to win because he was rich and because Jacob was poor, but I argue with that! That wasn’t the point of the books. While yet it fits the SCWAMP criteria, just because Jacob was Native American and living on a reserve doesn’t make him poor and a loser. It was just how the characters were.

I just hate that people were so closed minded to thinking of the other possibilities. The groups choices to use as examples weren’t the best. They just wanted to criticize and scrutinize something they could “force” into this mold. It shows that anything can be shoved into this mold…and that doesn’t make it right. In fact it’s just as bad as meeting this mold.




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